Upcoming HBO series pulled from Texas due to abortion law

Published By Tribute on Sep 22, 2021

David Simon (r) with director Paul Haggis on the set of the 2015 HBO series Show Me a HeroDavid Simon, the creator of the critically acclaimed series The Wire, has decided not to film a new HBO miniseries in Texas due to the state's new abortion law.

Earlier this month, a law was passed in the state that bans abortions after six weeks after conception, once a heartbeat is detected.

Simon announced his decision on Twitter, saying, "This is beyond politics. I’m turning in scripts next month on an HBO non-fiction miniseries based on events in Texas, but I can’t and won’t ask female cast/crew to forgo civil liberties to film there." Despite the miniseries being set in Texas, Simon has decided to find a new location to shoot, asking, "What else looks like Dallas/Ft. Worth?."

Since announcing his decision to not film in the Lone Star State, Simon has been actively interacting with his followers and the replies, while also responding to the backlash and criticisms of his decision. The Dallas Film Commission expressed their views towards Simon, saying, "Laws of a state are not reflective of its entire population. Not bringing a production to Dallas only serves to further disenfranchise those that live here. We need talent, crew, and creatives to stay & vote, not get driven out by inability to make a living."

Simon clarified that his decision is not driven by politics, but instead to ensure that his workers rights and liberties are protected, responding, "You misunderstand completely. My response is NOT rooted in any debate about political efficacy or the utility of any boycott. My singular responsibility is to secure and maintain the civil liberties of all those we employ during the course of a production."

Despite the buzz surrounding the new miniseries, few details about the show have been disclosed publicly. ~Sean Olegario


Comments & Discussion

  1. Jami Hotsinpiller • 9/23/2021 7:22:07 PM

    I commend David Simon's decision and feel actions such as his have to be taken to fight back against Draconian state laws. As happened before Roe, women will still have to get abortions and will be doing so in ways that endanger their lives. Of course, the horror of Texas passing this law demands consideration of the fact that women with means will be able to get abortions. They can travel in safer conditions and will have a very different experience than poor women. The law is clearly targeting minorities and other poorer Texans. The surrounding states are now starting to get over-whelmed with women driving from Texas to get a legal abortion. The mental anguish that comes with making the decision to get an abortion is bad enough, but adding to the danger and the emotional pain is a stain that no religion can wash away from those who wish to inflict as much misery as possible on "others." I suggest the Dallas film commission get to work on this problem.

  2. annoyed • 9/24/2021 6:26:18 AM

    thank you for protecting your employees /respect that and respect the human being /remember all lives matter no matter if they are only 6 weeks if your daughter died at 6 years old would you shed a tear /or do you adopt from a family that did not want children ...

  3. Leonardo • 9/24/2021 8:15:50 PM

    Good! Honestly, nobody cares about Hollywood or all their pedophile donors that gave money to PEDO IN CHIEF Biden. The best thing about it is you lose the market and the MONEY TOO. Therefore you will ot be able to have a bigger influence on people in the future with no money. LMFAO!! Your crew won’t have rights. The dumbest thing I ever heard. Have fun showing a movie that tries to look like Texas but isn’t. Maybe go to Chicago and you can see LIVE MASS SHOOTINGS of minorities to add to your picture. Most Hollywood liberals don’t care because they are the TRUE racists in this country.

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