Russell Crowe discovers he broke both legs a decade later

Published By Tribute on Feb 21, 2024

Russell Crowe in 2024 X image.When Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe went to the doctor for an examination, he found out that 10 years earlier, he had broken both his legs.

During the filming of Robin Hood (2010), Russell performed a stunt where he had to jump off of a castle onto rock-hard, uneven ground. In a new interview with People, he said, "We should have prepped the ground and buried a pad but we were in a rush to get the shot done in the fading light."

When he landed, he said he felt pain that resembled "an electric shock bursting up through my body." Despite that, Russell "never discussed the injury with production," and "never took a day off because of it," because he didn't think it was a big deal, even though he was having trouble walking.

In 2020, when Russell started experiencing "very strange pains" in his lower legs, his doctor found remnants of fractures in both of his shins after doing X-rays and an MRI. The doctor asked Russell when he had broken his legs, but Russell was puzzled. "To jog my memory he said, 'Would have been maybe 10 years ago?'" That's when Russell realized that he had broken his bones during the stunt. "Apparently I finished that movie with two broken legs."

He took time off after Robin Hood, during which time his legs healed. Russell recently celebrated with a fresh look, which he posted on X. He shaved his beard off for the first time since 2019 for some upcoming film roles. He can currently be seen on the big screen in Land of Bad. ~Mackenzie Heidrick

Comments & Discussion

  1. Debbie • 2/22/2024 3:42:01 PM

    Kind of odd. He did not know he broke both of his legs. I had a sprained ankle, which was almost a break. I knew it! I went from a bandage and crutches, to a walking cast. And...he did not say anything. Does he heal quickly? Lol.

  2. MA • 2/22/2024 6:40:33 PM

    Find that hard to believe. IF he had two broken legs he would have been unable to walk at all.

  3. Terry • 2/23/2024 1:26:05 AM

    Well I can't say that I believe that bunch of malarkey. Broken bones are debilitating & actually cause you to say a LOT!!! Besides --- this is already 14 yr old news, are they desperate to write something about someone these days -- so much so that they are making up BS stories??

  4. Debbie • 2/23/2024 8:14:53 PM

    I guess his part was 'crawling'. Lol.

  5. Debbie Achtemychuk • 2/23/2024 8:16:22 PM

    Maybe he was 'unhinged' when he said that.

  6. Terry • 2/24/2024 12:42:41 AM

    LOL Debbie -- you're a hoot!! :D

  7. Dan Mortensen • 2/24/2024 11:41:17 AM

    Yes, it's possible to break a bone or two without knowing its severity. I got an MRI on my neck after a car wreck when I was in my mid 40's. Afterward, Doc asked me when I broke my neck. I was a high diver for years in my youth, played football etc, was used to getting injured, sore, and playing it off as being young and 'active'. I realized at that moment, my head first dive after skiing out of bounds at Snowbird ski resort, resulted in a radial fracture of my C5 vertebrae. Sure, my neck was stiff and sore for a couple of weeks, but didn't realize how injured I'd been till 25 years later.

  8. Patricia Crawford • 2/24/2024 10:38:21 PM

    I fainted & thought I had just pulled a muscle in my leg so I limped around for 3 months. Four years later I had knee surgery & when the Dr saw the x-rays he asked me when I broke my fibula

  9. Debbie • 2/25/2024 12:36:18 AM

    Thank you, Terry!

  10. Debbie • 2/25/2024 12:38:26 AM

    Glad he did not 'crowe'k.

  11. Yvonne K • 2/26/2024 12:59:42 PM

    It's not impossible to believe. I always knew that there are those that can tolerate more pain and endure more discomfort than others. He's one of them. Not a woost!

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