Minibike gang members arrested for Ian Ziering attack

Published By Alexandra Heilbron on May 22, 2024

Ian Ziering attacked by biker gang in TMZ photoTwo members of the "605 minibike gang" who assaulted Beverly Hills, 90210 star Ian Ziering on December 31, 2023, have been arrested.

The attack occurred at the 6800 block of Hollywood Boulevard at around 3 p.m. in the Entertainment District, according to a press release from the LAPD. They stated that four or five gang members surrounded his car after one hit the vehicle with their bike. When Zierling, 60, got out to assess the damage, four of the bikers began punching and kicking him. The attack was captured on video and posted on the TMZ website. The photo above is a still from the video.

The LAPD statement reads: "One of the minibike riders is captured swinging an object at the victim, nearly striking him. After the assault, the minibike riders vandalized the motorist's vehicle while his 10-year-old child remained in the front seat. "

Ziering tried to run from the gang, who chased him while his daughter, Mia, was terrified and in tears by the time her father returned to console her. The gang scattered but on Tuesday, May 21, police served warrants on two residences and arrested Jacob Esteban Hernandes, 20, and Angie Teresa Guizar, 40. According to the statement, "Hernandez was booked for 594 Felony Vandalism and his bail is $50,000, and Guizar was booked for 235(A)(1) PC- Assault with a Deadly Weapon." Guizar's bail is set at $30,000.

After the attack, Ziering stated, "I am relieved to report that my daughter and I are both completely unscathed, but the incident has left me deeply concerned about the growing boldness of such groups who disrupt public safety and peace. This situation highlights a larger issue of hooliganism on our streets and the need for effective law enforcement responses to such behavior." ~Alexandra Heilbron

Comments & Discussion

  1. paul • 5/23/2024 10:27:36 AM

    Fortunate that no one was seriously hurt. Sad none the less.

  2. DABII • 5/23/2024 2:53:30 PM

    Nice; Dad of the year! He ran off and left his 10 year daughter in the car. >_<

  3. iibad • 5/25/2024 4:28:28 PM

    No one, since no one, reads DABII sad comment

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