Michael Douglas shocked about DNA link to Scarlett Johansson

Published By Tribute on Apr 03, 2024

Michael Douglas and Scarlett JohanssonMichael Douglas was shocked to find out that fellow Marvel actor Scarlett Johansson is his DNA cousin, after receiving the news from the PBS series Finding Your Roots on April 2. Michael went on the show to discover his ancestry, as did Scarlett previously in 2019.

"Are you kidding?" Michael asked, surprised at the news. "Oh, that's amazing. All right. This is cool. This is so cool." They both appear in separate Marvel movies but joined forces in Avengers: Endgame when their individual storylines collided.

Henry Louis Gates Jr., the host of Finding Your Roots, shared that they are related through Scarlett's maternal side, sharing "identical branches of DNA on four different chromosomes."

The branches of their shared DNA "appear on Scarlett’s maternal lines, which stretch back to Jewish communities in Eastern Europe," Michael was told.

"That’s incredible. Well, I look forward to seeing Scarlett next time!" he responded. ~ Mackenzie Heidrick

Comments & Discussion

  1. Gwen Collins • 4/3/2024 2:28:21 PM

    That's kind of cool.

  2. JReynolds • 4/4/2024 11:23:24 AM

    So how closely are they related? If they're sixth cousins or something, it's really NBD. (At least in my mind.)

  3. jon doe • 4/4/2024 5:30:16 PM

    who cares!!

  4. Ellen Karnwie-Tuah • 4/6/2024 12:31:39 PM

    Thank you

  5. Max • 4/7/2024 12:02:54 PM

    Will this make him more likely to hit on her or less?

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