Alec Baldwin faces backlash after interview with Woody Allen

Published By Tribute on Jun 29, 2022

Alec Baldwin in the 2019 film, Drunk Parents. Baldwin has recently come under fire for interviewing filmmaker, Woody Allen.Alec Baldwin is at the center of another controversy, this time for promoting his interview with director Woody Allen.

Tuesday's Instagram Live began with Baldwin disabling comments before Allen joined. Throughout the almost hour-long interview, they spoke about the filmmaker's book, Zero Gravity. The backlash comes from Allen's sexual abuse allegation and his marriage to Mia Farrow's adopted daughter, Soon-Yin Previn. Although Allen and Farrow never married, they have several biological and adopted children together.

Baldwin has been vocal about his support for Allen, having in starred in three of the director's movies: Alice (1990), To Rome With Love (2012) and Blue Jasmine (2013). "I'm gonna be doing an Instagram Live with Woody Allen, who I love," he said in a video posted to Instagram a couple days before the interview. "Tuesday, 10:30. Be there."

In that same post, Baldwin wrote in the caption: "Let me preface this by stating that I have ZERO INTEREST in anyone’s judgments and sanctimonious posts here. I am OBVIOUSLY someone who has my own set of beliefs and COULD NOT CARE LESS about anyone else’s speculation."

The Twitterverse has exploded, with some people pointing out that Baldwin is still in the middle of an investigation following the accidental shooting and death of Rust colleague Halyna Hutchins.

One user tweeted: "It’s like Alec Baldwin is actively trying to kill his career, like I would hate to be his publicist right now."

"Alec Baldwin brags about work but doesn’t mention Rust shooting during chaotic Woody Allen chat" another wrote.

"Remember when Alec Baldwin literally killed a crew member on a set last year, faced zero repercussions, and is now… promoting a special interview he’s doing with… Woody Allen? That’s literally all you need to know about the film&TV industry" said another.

Neither Allen's or Baldwin's controversies were mentioned in the Instagram Live. ~Claudia Minardi

Comments & Discussion

  1. Eleanor Dorst • 6/30/2022 10:05:34 AM

    A man in his 60's still having 6 babies and another on the way is beyond stressful. Even before this he was known for his hot temper and volatility. This Rust thing will be his cross to bear,hopefully he gets emotional support for it.

  2. Terry • 6/30/2022 10:13:55 AM

    Eleanor Dorst!!! Emotional support??? Are you serious?? That arrogant SOB thinks he has no blame at all to bear for killing that woman!! Narcissists have NO such emotion!! He's the self righteous creep he has always been. He is not capable of feeling ANYTHING about what he did. Read the above tribute article --- he said he doesn't have any interest in what anybody thinks about anything he says or does!!! Give your head a shake --- what exactly does THAT tell you???????

  3. Mi Russell • 6/30/2022 10:15:57 AM

    I wish we knew 100 per cent Allen abused a child. Mia furious at Woody for relationship with adopted girl he married. Baldwin believes Woody did not abuse child.

  4. JT • 6/30/2022 10:32:51 AM

    Alec Baldwin is a real piece of work. First he fatally shoots and kills that poor woman on a movie set and now he will be interviewing a known pedophile. I am completely boycotting all of his roles in any film and/or shows he has been involved with ranging from the production side and starring in it. Mr. Baldwin you disgust me.

  5. Lorena S • 6/30/2022 10:42:30 AM

    Alec you have every right to speak your mind and/or support anyone whom you wish to support. The world has gone crazy - if you don't support what the majority thinks - you're automatically WRONG. Well that's the world we live in . You continue to say what you want to say and to hell with what anyone else thinks. I admire you for your strength and opinion. Whatever Woody Allen is or isn't - you have a right to speak your mind.

  6. SharenVF • 6/30/2022 10:48:39 AM

    Baldwin said he had zero interest in other people's judgments and sanctimonious posts. He stated "I am OBVIOUSLY someone who has my own set of beliefs and COULD NOT CARE LESS about anyone else’s speculation". I guess the fact that there are serious allegations of child abuse against Woody Allen & Woody allegedly had nude photos of & married Mia Farrow's (& his by the fact he lived with them) adopted daughter doesn't mean anything to Baldwin. Pathetic & unconscionable!!!

  7. Holier Than Thou • 6/30/2022 12:46:18 PM

    Social media is the worse thing to happen to us in a long time. It’s worse than the Black Plague. I hope it will end soon. Thank God we still have a rule of law where you’re innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Too often Social media is robbing people of their right to a fair trial. It’s replacing evidence based Justice with the clatter of millions of self righteous monkeys typing on millions of keyboards. Monkey see monkey do. Alec Baldwin is right. Social Media monkeys are wrong.

  8. Greta Linton • 6/30/2022 4:17:11 PM

    I would love to see the article, I always look forward to Woody Allan’s movies. I feel sorry for the actor Alec Baldwin, he did not kill anyone, the person who checked the gun for safety did. P.S. Bought Woody Allen’s new book it was really a good read and would recommend it.

  9. Taken gal • 7/1/2022 6:37:56 AM

    I love Allen films and his writing too--"Whore of Mensa," where have you been all my life?--but my brother worked with AB on-set and he is completely aggressive, insane, and rude, and thinks he's always right. Real dirtbag, thinks he knows better than every person he encounters about topics he's got no expertise in. Also, why point a gun at someone even if t's not loaded, let alone pull the trigger? Getting back to Allen, I hope that he did not rape his fully, 100% biological/blood-daughter, Dylan, but she says he did (read her "Open Letter from Dylan Farrow" in the NYTimes). I am hoping she misremembered it all because his films are so amazing (she was allegedly 7 at the time). The resemblance between them is uncanny btw

  10. Steve • 7/1/2022 5:49:43 PM

    I'm glad we still live a society and government where we can still express our opinions.

  11. Julie • 7/1/2022 7:07:49 PM

    I think many of you are being unfair to Alec Baldwin. He was given the go ahead that the gun was safe to shoot. I believe I maybe wrong that Alec said the gun discharged on its own either way other people are involved here, and I believe an ongoing investigation. So give him a break as you are innocent until proven guilty. And he was and is devastated by it. I am sure what he said was not really from the heart. Think of what he’s been through mentally over shooting that poor woman. And then think how you would feel if it was you. God Bless you Alec

  12. I.D. • 7/2/2022 10:24:52 AM

    I agree. Alec Baldwin didn’t kill anyone intentionally. Gv him a break! As for Woody Allen- he’s a genius and was nvr brought up on charges so let’s move on.

  13. Leslie • 7/2/2022 10:41:07 AM

    I was kind of addicted to the Hilaria Baldwin Reddit thread where thousands of smart people dissect everything Alec and his fake Spanish wife do - and they do it mostly with compassion and humor. These two and the way they raise their kids are truly out there. He's never expressed remorse for the shooting and just touts his own children which is so insensitive to the poor boy who doesn't have a mother thanks for his carelessness. And his wife still pretends to be Spanish while their kids run wild. It's all kind of crazy if you're interested. I'm taking a break from the sub because it became too consuming but the two of them just can't stop being offensive, insensitive, inappropriate and more.

  14. Terry • 7/2/2022 7:09:29 PM

    Julie --- are you all together??? To quote you: " I believe I maybe wrong that Alec said the gun discharged on its own". SERIOUSLY?????? That's like saying the car drove its own self into the tree. It had nothing to do with me sitting behind the wheel with my foot on the gas. Guns do not just discharge by themselves for no reason at all. If you believe that nonsense you need to give your head a good shake.

  15. Jon • 7/5/2022 7:12:11 AM

    Love and respect Woody Allen. Fifty five excellent movies in 55 years. Who else has done that? No one. And if you cancel everyone who has been accused all you have left is Hallmark.Forgot about Lori Mossimo

  16. tina c. • 7/5/2022 12:43:09 PM

    life is so short. to make a judgement or accusation about someone or something they know nothing about is so unfair. live each day as if it were your last. focus on what you are doing in your life and not on other people. try to be the best person you can be each and every day. be kind not hurtful.

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