Siberia (2001)

Siberia (2001) Movie Poster
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R | 1h 31m | Drama, Romance, Thriller

A couple of young con-artists, the intelligent Hugo (Metsers) and his best friend, idiot Goof (Fernhout) spend their days at the train stations, fooling young traveling women into sleeping with them, and making a quick escape with the women's money and passports.

All the fun and games come to a halt when they meet the poor, but intelligent Lara (Simac) who doesn't fall for their game. Instead, the boys fall for her and while she lives with them, her stories of her homeland, Siberia, excites Goof into wanting to go with her. Lara's influence has the boys battling over her and the money they've made through the years.

Director: Robert Jan Westdijk
Studio: Odeon Films Inc.
Producer(s): Clea de Koning
Cast: Roeland Fernhout, Hugo Metsers, Vlatka Simac
Writer(s): Robert Jan Westdijk, Jos Driessen

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