Andy Brandy Casagrande IV talks 'Sharkwater Extinction'

120 Views | 14:09 | Uploaded on Sep 14, 2018

Emmy award-winning cinematographer Andy Brandy Casagrande IV talks about his work on Sharkwater Extinction and his experiences working with director Rob Stewart on the film. He praises Rob for making movies that engage viewers on a level that creates a new dialogue about sharks and shows people why they should do all they can to save them. Andy describes sharks as being not only the most spectacular predators on the planet but also the most polite predators. He talks about diving with Rob off the coast of Florida and reveals how Rob was able to approach a notorious shark hunter and converse with him intelligently rather than alienating him, in order to understand his motivation. He also says nothing he's ever worked on before is as noble a film as Sharkwater Extinction.


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