Steven Seagal accused of rape

Published By Marriska Fernandes on Jan 15, 2018

Steven SeagalSteven Seagal, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by several women, is now being accused of rape.

Regina Simons, an extra who appeared in the 1994 film On Deadly Ground, has accused the action star of raping her. She told The Wrap that she was 18 at the time and claimed that Seagal, now 65, invited her to what he said was a wrap party for the film at his Beverly Hills home in 1993.

When she arrived at his home, he was the only one there. She told the site: "He took me into this room and then just closed the door and started kissing me. He then took my clothes off and before I knew it he was on top of me, raping me… I wasn’t sexually active yet. People always talk about fight-or-flight. But no one talks about the freeze.

"I was crying when he was on top of me. Even now, my 43-year-old mind knows how to process this and understand what a loving relationship is and what consensual sex is. And there was none of that."

After the incident, Simons says he let her leave. "All I remember is him asking me if I needed any money. I shook my head and ran towards my car. I cried the whole way home."

Several women have come forward to accuse Seagal of sexual misconduct, but Simons appears to be the first to publicly accuse him of rape.

Comments & Discussion

  1. Lee Mac • 1/15/2018 2:18:28 PM

    1994 ? and there was No struggle when he took her clothes off ? this is another person trying to get money from a Hollywood star same old same old

  2. movie buff screen junkie • 1/15/2018 8:47:19 PM

    Steven Seagal accused of rape ?????? more like accused of chess-fest crap flicks.....what or who next is this witch hunt of sexual misconduct, one thing is it being a real situation but in life their are lot of lairs and thieves ready to cash in and check out

  3. John • 1/15/2018 8:55:46 PM

    The endless victimhood of the wymyns has me absolutely fatigued. I just don't care anymore. Especially when no one cares about female rapists and male victims. I am done with the narrative.

  4. Cyrus • 1/16/2018 1:11:04 AM

    According to a study: 80 percent of the men who took the survey in USA, admitted they will rape a woman if they can get away with it.

  5. james • 1/16/2018 9:33:09 AM

    this hollywood sex thing is getting out of hand any one can accuse any big male star they wish and can accuse of rape.male stars make millions of dollars and these women want to cash in. why do they wait so seems easier to accuse someone many years later and they probably couldn't tell you what they had for breakfast.////male and female film stars are easy targets for this scamming....jrc myrtle beach sc.

  6. NANCY • 1/16/2018 1:04:22 PM

    I see all the negative answeres are from MEN< i wonder if more men would be raped if there attitude would change

  7. Robert • 1/16/2018 2:50:20 PM

    So whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty???

  8. Genny • 1/16/2018 5:00:50 PM

    So true Nancy!!!

  9. Dan • 1/17/2018 9:22:31 AM

    To all the guys who commented negatively and call into doubt the truth of this accusation, I say stop denying it! This has been going on in our patriarchal society for thousands of years. Men use women to satisfy their sexual urges and desire to dominate. It's an insidious problem. If you have your eyes open, you'll see it constantly and everywhere. It's time we stopped looking away.

  10. Kerry • 1/17/2018 8:12:55 PM

    Dan you're awesome, thank you for saying that. I can't help but notice that other than Dan the men commenting here are negative. I get it, we've been hearing a lot about this lately, but think about why. It's nothing new, except that these women now feel empowered to come forward. I totally agree that this doesn't just happen to women, there are men out there that have had similar experiences, and I hope that they will feel empowered to come forward too. But you being negative does nothing but keep these victims silent. The blame game, and blind eye has to stop.

  11. movie buff screen junkie • 1/17/2018 9:27:19 PM

    Men use women to satisfy their sexual urges and desire to dominate. It’s an insidious problem. If you have your eyes open, you’ll see it constantly and everywhere. It’s time we stopped looking away ?????? really dan and women dont satisfy their sexual urges and desire to dominate talking about opening the eyes here, women are not the innocent here as i state in my comment their lots of women that lie as i heard in many situations and found out the women was lying to gain revenge, if it is for real then Im against sexual misconduct the problem is here that any women can come out and say it as so easy to do so and then the man is the scum without his side of the story and then he never could be believed even being innocent if the claim is false

  12. Tyni • 1/17/2018 11:31:11 PM

    I know exactly about the "Freeze". I have done it myself, your just soo scared, you don't move.

  13. Christianne Pelletier • 1/18/2018 11:36:14 AM

    Kerry, Cyrus also commented positively, providing a statistic that shows that men are very likely to rape if they can get away with it.

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