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News from April 1, 2023 to May 28, 2023

Why Richard Madden used American accent even with family

April 26, 2023

Richard Madden reveals the secret behind his seemingly effortless American accent in the new Prime Video spy series Citadel, also starring Stanley Tucci.
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Super Mario Bros. Movie three-peats at weekend box office

April 23, 2023

The Super Mario Bros. Movie held onto the top spot at the weekend box office for the third time in a row, while two brand new movies debuted in the top five.
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New movies in theaters - To Catch a Killer and more

April 20, 2023

There is a wide selection of movies opening this weekend, including Evil Dead Rise, Beau is Afraid starring Joaquin Phoenix, and the thriller To Catch a Killer.
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Jamie Foxx's body double fills in with Cameron Diaz on movie

April 19, 2023

As Jamie Foxx remains hospitalized due to an undisclosed medical complication, a body double filled in on the set of the movie Back in Action with Cameron Diaz.
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Super Mario Bros. Movie remains on top at weekend box office

April 16, 2023

Although The Super Mario Bros. Movie topped the weekend box office again, two new movies managed to make it into the top five. Click to check which ones.
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