John Krasinski provides Some (hilarious) Good News

Published By Alexandra Heilbron on Apr 08, 2020

Actor/director/screenwriter John Krasinski has launched his own good news show on YouTube and we're happy to report: it's hilarious! Titled Some Good News, he shares a number of good news stories with viewers and chats with his former The Office co-star, Steve Carell for the 25th anniversary of the show.

Krasinski, who asked the public to send him their good news, pokes fun at himself ("I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing") while building others up, including front line health care workers around the world who are doing their best to save the lives of those affected by COVID-19. He also turns the spotlight on people doing good deeds during the coronavirus pandemic, such as the man who leaves brand new bottles of hand sanitizer and cases of toilet paper for delivery drivers, to thank them for their hard work -- which, as we discover, is much appreciated.

If you're like us and you were really looking forward to Krasinski's sequel, A Quiet Place: Part II, click here to watch our interview with him for the first movie, A Quiet Place.

Comments & Discussion

  1. Jason • 4/9/2020 12:28:21 AM

    That actually was hilarious, I hadn’t heard of his new show but I’m going to check out the second episode too. 👍🏻

  2. Paul • 4/9/2020 10:51:48 AM

    Thank you John Krasinski that was entertaining and funny and it made me feel better. I think it will make a lot of other people feel better. Have a wonderful day!

  3. Nicole • 4/9/2020 3:52:14 PM

    I loved that!

  4. Ted Temoshchuk • 4/12/2020 9:41:43 AM

    Krasinski provides a welcomed change from all the sad news we are hearing these days. Enjoy the digest and although retired like keeping up. Thank you for your articles

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