Jamie Foxx still hospitalized - fans urged to "Pray for him"

Published By Alexandra Heilbron on May 03, 2023

Corrine and Jamie Foxx on Beat ShazamJamie Foxx remains in the hospital after three weeks, and his condition continues to be kept secret by his family. While in Atlanta filming the movie Back in Action with Cameron Diaz, he was hospitalized on April 12, 2023.  A body double filled in for Jamie on the final week of filming on the movie.

Jamie was set to return as the co-host of the music lyric TV game show Beat Shazam this week, but neither he nor his daughter Corinne, who co-hosts the show, have returned. Filming has instead begun with Nick Cannon filling in as host.

Corinne announced in April that her father had suffered a medical complication, but no other details have been released since then. She remains in Atlanta by her father's side.

A source told People two weeks ago that Jamie was "awake and alert," but TMZ reported today that sources close to the Oscar-winning actor told them: "Pray for Jamie." ~Alexandra Heilbron

Update: At 3 p.m. today, a post appeared on Jamie Foxx's instagram that read "Appreciate all the love!!! Feeling blessed" 🙏🏿❤️ 🦊

Comments & Discussion

  1. Paul • 5/4/2023 12:29:40 PM

    A great actor, musician, entertainer. Much love and well wishes. All good things. With prayers and hope for a speedy recovery. Get well Sir.

  2. Gwen • 5/4/2023 12:33:37 PM

    Whatever the cause, I hope he recovers quickly.

  3. Your fan • 5/4/2023 6:27:01 PM

    Praying for you with all I got. Get well soon. Hail Satan.

  4. Charmaine • 5/5/2023 1:35:45 PM

    I’m a fan of your movies. Wishing you a speedy recovery ????? God Bless you and your family ????????

  5. Bridgette Blake • 5/6/2023 1:09:01 PM

    ???????????????? Praying daily for Jamie and his Family.

  6. cheryl a wheaton • 5/7/2023 9:57:03 PM

    i am a fan of jamie so is my husband god bless you and your family for a speedy recover prayers on your head. get well jamie please

  7. Elle Delucchi • 5/8/2023 11:17:40 PM

    I do believe that prayer is real!

  8. Karen Scheiber • 5/9/2023 2:51:09 AM

    I have always enjoyed his shows and he brings happiness in everything that he does. It is good to see him working with his daughter. My prayers are with him and his family. The lord knows what healing he needs and the strenghting of there faith as a family.. Heal his bodie and may the Holy spirit brings him back to us again. May the prayers of his Christian family continue the prays for his healing and show what the wonders of prays and God's love can do. Amen.

  9. Donna • 5/9/2023 8:16:35 AM

    I truly believe in the power of prayer, and that everything is in God's hands. DearJamie, I pray you recover soon, and surrender your life to Jesus Christ, because you will find the peace you have been hoping for. Amen

  10. miguel ramo • 5/9/2023 6:01:10 PM

    get well jamie foxx want to see you on screen again

  11. Jamie Doughty • 5/9/2023 8:10:18 PM

    Jamie got Jamie got soul!!!!!!!!! Sending my love...get well now....

  12. Corey • 5/9/2023 10:54:39 PM

    All the best to Jamie and his family during this difficult time, to say the least! Jamie, you're in my thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery. God, please watch over him, and his loved ones. Give them strength and courage to persevere.

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