George Clooney moves in with reluctant stranger - funny video!

Published By Marriska Fernandes on May 06, 2021

George Clooney is not an easy man to live with -- take it from this stranger!

In an effort to raise money for Clooney Foundation for Justice, he took part in a hilarious sketch for Omaze.

The Midnight Sky director quarantined with a stranger named Byron when the stay-at-home order was issued and well, Byron wasn't too pleased about rooming with uninvited guest Clooney.

It turns out Clooney has a slight obsession with Brad Pitt. We see Clooney stating: "Can you believe Amal wanted me to throw this away?" as he sports a shirt with Pitt's face on it and hugs a pillow featuring Pitt's handsome visage. "I'm not throwing this out," Clooney declares. "No way, man. Thank you for giving me a place for me and Brad."

Not only that, the actor took five hours in the only bathroom in the house as he was putting on his "makeup." Clooney even made Byron watch Ocean's Eleven nearly two dozen times. Byron says: “Do I recommend hanging out with George Clooney? No, I do not."

But Clooney had a blast. “It was an unforgettable time. We laughed, we learned, we lived. So, naturally, when the stay-at-home order was finally lifted, Byron and I knew that we had a tough decision to make."

Watch the full video above! ~Marriska Fernandes

Comments & Discussion

  1. Laurie • 5/6/2021 11:33:34 AM

    Awesome video hahahaha

  2. Jase • 5/6/2021 11:34:34 AM

    George Clooney looks like he's always a good time.

  3. Bob • 5/6/2021 12:01:35 PM

    Very funny video. Couldn't stop laughing.

  4. paul • 5/7/2021 8:43:17 AM

    very entertaining, fun.

  5. liz • 5/8/2021 12:36:57 PM

    Tried to apply to George's invitation at "" but was REFUSED AT MY LOCATION. Is it only Quebec or all Canadians that are not aloud to apply. So I guess you don't want Quebecer's or Canadians joining you at Lake Como, George.

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