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A teenager relocates to a new environment but can't quite escape the reach of his traumatic past, in Yatzy, a haunting coming of age saga from Norwegian director Katja Jacobsen.

At the age of 15, Daggi has fallen in love with the wrong girl, and has experienced horrors while living with his family in the city - horrors so extreme that circumstances force him to move out and take up a new residence in the country with new parents.

Now, all of his foundations - all of the structures familiar to him - have been violently ripped away, leaving him with overarching feelings of disorientation and dread. Then, step by step, circumstances begin to improve - Daggi adjusts to his new surroundings and meets a new girl, Gloria, and the two find refuge in one another.

But ugly memories remain from Daggi's previous life - memories recorded in his video camera like scars from the past - that threaten to turn up and destroy everything.

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