WWE: Hell in a Cell

WWE: Hell in a Cell Movie Poster

Since its debut which saw Shawn Michaels take on Undertaker in October 1997, the Hell in a Cell Match has grown to become the most anticipated match by WWE fans. WWE Superstars, however, know that simply participating in such a match can shorten careers. In a Hell in a Cell Match, the ring and its surrounding area are covered by an enormous structure of unforgiving steel, providing for one of the most brutal atmospheres in WWE history.

Over the years, the Hell in a Cell Match has been the site of some of the most brutal images in WWE history. Nobody will ever forget King of the Ring 1998 when Undertaker literally threw Mankind (aka Mick Foley) from the top of the structure to the arena floor. In the No Way Out 2000 Hell in a Cell Match, Triple H actually slammed Foley (competing as Cactus Jack) through the top of the cage into the ring, which collapsed on impact.

Studio: WWE
Official Site: www.wwe.com/shows/hellinacell

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