Women With Cows

Women With Cows Movie Poster

Britt Georgsson and her younger sister Inger grew up on a Swedish dairy farm. After losing their mother at an early age the sisters were expected not only to bring one another up but also to help tend their father's herd. At 79, Britt still lives on the farm and has devoted her life to looking after the cows.

Years of manual labour and several bovine-related injuries have taken a dramatic toll on her health. Although almost bent double she has no intention of abandoning her strenuous daily work on the rundown family farm. Her sister Inger couldn't wait to escape, and married and moved away (though only just down the road).

The countryside may look ravishing, but Gerdehag's documentary pulls no punches. Britt's love and dedication to the herd is abundantly apparent, but she is obviously struggling, and her inability to look after them and herself properly is unflinchingly shown.

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