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Young Rebecca (Daniel) lives with her boyfriend Marco (Ferch) in a mountain villa owned by her friend, Laura (Sellem). After Rene (Matthes), a local cinema projectionist, steals Marco's car, he gets into a car crash with local Theo (Bierbichler), whose daughter is almost killed.

Rene suffers amnesia as a result of the crash and starts a relationship with Laura. Things start to heat up when Marco begins to look for the man who stole his car and Theo searches for the man who nearly killed his daughter.

Director: Tom Tykwer
Studio: WinStar Cinema
Producer(s): Stephan Arndt, Tom Tykwer
Cast: Laura Maori Tonke, Josef Bierbichler, Heino Ferch, Floriane Daniel, Marie-Lou Sellem, Ulrich Matthes
Writer(s): Tom Tykwer, Anne-Fran├žoise Pyszora
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