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Wilson - Official Trailer

7,831 Views | 2:13 | Uploaded on Jan 18, 2017

"Remember when you were a kid?" Wilson (Woody Harrelson) asks in the quirky premiere trailer for Wilson. "Every day seemed like it was in technicolor," he reminisces as old home movies of his childhood play. "And then...you grow up," as the now-middle-aged Wilson wakes up depressed about where his life has ended up. Wilson is socially inept and deeply lonely, often seeking company with strangers, even their dogs, and much to their chagrin. As he sits with one of his few friends (Margot Martindale), Wilson reminisces on where it all went wrong — his divorce 17 years prior. And based off the image of his ex-wife Pippi (Laura Dern) violently smacking him with her purse, their union didn't end well. However, life soon turns around when he discovers that Pippi put up a baby girl for adoption exactly 17 years ago. "I'm a father!" Wilson exclaims, jubilant that he's finally found family. He then confronts Pippi about her lies, and forces her to track their daughter down together. When they find her (Isabella Amara), Wilson thrusts the two into an awkward "insta-family" that may or may not lead to very dramatic consequences.

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