Whirligig Movie Poster

Nicholas Sinclair, 25, can't seem to make it on his own. He goes back to live with his parents at their retirement home by the sea. Unfortunately, they'd rather not have him there, ruining their peace and quiet. His mother plots to get him out of the house for good.

Nina, who's married to André—a theater director who has cheated on her—decides to use Nicholas to get back at him. For her, it's just gratuitous sex, but Nicholas believes it's more than that and makes it his personal goal to win her love.

He befriends Nina and André's 12-year old son Quang, against Nina's wishes. By befriending the boy, Nicholas hopes to learn Nina's secrets in order the find the way to her heart.

Director: Chaz Thorne
Studio: Standing 8 Productions
Producer(s): Chaz Thorne, David MacLeod, Michael Amo
Cast: Gregory Smith, Brian Downey, R.H. Thomson, Jennifer Overton
Writer(s): Michael Amo

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