While You Were Sleeping

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3.84 / 5

User rating: 3.84

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User review rating: 0 March 02, 2006

Loved every minute of it, watch it everytime I find it on TV. I fell in love with all the charactors, everyone should have a family like that, I even pretend Jack and Lucy had twins.

User review rating: 0 January 27, 2005

As a romance and good humour, think the plot is great, the actors were brilliant (convincing...). THe kind of movie that one could watch over and over again... Heart warming, humurous and absolutely romantic...

User review rating: 0 January 14, 2005

This film, while high in "cheese" factor, is worthwhile nevertheless. The plot and dialogue are not particularly profound, but the film is great because of other factors: the chemistry between Sandra Bullock (charming as ever) and Bill Pullman, the hilarity of the Callaghan family as an ensemble, the performance of "Joe Jr" and so much more. So, despite how sappy and predictable, I really enjoyed this film, and have continued to watch it years later.

User review rating: 0 November 17, 2004

I really enjoyed this movie. It`s a "feel-good" movie, which I believe, we all like those kinds of movies.

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