Where Are You Going Moshe?

Where Are You Going Moshe? Movie Poster

In 1963, Jews clandestinely fled Morocco for Israel and other countries where they would be welcome. In the face of this exodus, Mustapha, the manager and future owner of the only bar of the small town of Bejjad, panics.

And for a good reason: the local Islamic authorities, who regard bars as places of perdition, allow him to keep his establishment open on one condition—that no Muslims are his customers. Meanwhile, Shlomo, a clock and watchmaker whose family has lived in Morocco for generations, doesn't want to leave for Israel. This is unwelcome news for his wife and their daughter, but a cause of celebration for Mustapha.

Director: Hassan Benjelloun
Studio: Filmoption International
Cast: Simon Elbaz, Abdelkader Lotfi, Rim Chemanou, Hassan Essakalli, Mohamed Tsouli
Writer(s): Hassan Ben Jalloun

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