Where Are We? Our Trip Through America

Where Are We? Our Trip Through America Movie Poster

This documentary came about because the filmmakers were curious about life in a part of the United States that seemed completely alien to them from their perspective as gay men living in San Francisco.

Thus, at the end of the Gulf War, they took a trip to the American South and asked anyone who would let them point a microphone at them such questions as: What are your hopes for the future? Are You happy? For the most part, the individuals questioned reveal such insular, even ignorant perspectives, that it gave even hardened reviewers a bit of a chill.

One of the odder individuals they found along the way was a man who had created his own personal Graceland to please his wife, a rabid Elvis fan. No effort was made to create a coherent theme, as the documentary is basically a record of the men's trip.

However, they do make an effort to investigate gay life in the South, and these investigations were reportedly the highlights of the film.

Director: Jeffrey Friedman, Rob Epstein

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