Summer 1976. Kit (Dylan Authors), 15, is bored in the small Nova Scotia town where he lives with his father (Allan Hawco) and grandmother (Cathy Jones). He want to travel to Sydney, where he believes he'll enjoy a more glamorous life. He convinces his girlfriend Alice (Julia Sara Stone) to join him. They tell their parents they're staying at a friends house then, set off hitchhiking to the city where his artistic mother Laura (Molly Parker) lives.

Kit and Alice accept a ride from a carload of teens, but when Kit gets overly friendly with a gay teen named Leo (Max Humphreys), Alice decides on an abrupt change of plan. Meanwhile, Kit enjoys conversing with his imaginary friend, Andy Warhol (Rhys Bevan-John), who calls himself Kit's "spirit animal."

Director: Bruce McDonald
Producer(s): Bruce McDonald, Marc Almon, Mike MacMillan
Cast: Julia Sarah Stone, Dylan Authors, Molly Parker, Allan Hawco
Writer(s): Daniel MacIvor
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