Warriors of Heaven and Earth

Warriors of Heaven and Earth Movie Poster
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Release Date: September 3, 2004 (limited)

On DVD/VOD: December 7, 2004

R | 1h 59m | Action/Adventure, Drama

Set in the ferocious Gobi Desert, the story follows two protagonists, Lieutenant Li (Jiang Wen) and Japanese emissary Lai Xi (Kiichi Nakai) - both first-class warriors and master swordsmen. After decades of service to the Chinese Emperor, Lai Xi longs to return to Japan, but is instead sent to the West to chase wanted criminals.

His only passport back to Japan is to capture and execute Lieutenant Li, a renegade soldier wanted for leading a violent mutiny when he refused orders to kill female and child prisoners.

Director: He Ping
Studio: Sony Pictures Classics
Producer(s): Wang Zhongjun
Cast: Wen Jiang, Kiichi Nakai, Wang Xueqi, Zhao Wei, Hasi Bager, He Tao, Harrison Liu
Writer(s): He Zhang Rui

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