Walking on Water

Walking on Water Movie Poster

A refreshingly unsentimental film about how people deal with loss and grief. Some of these responses are small – people raid the fridge, bicker over possessions, bitch about friends. Others are big – relationships begin and end, life long friendships are destroyed.

Charlie (Colosimo) and Anna (Theodorakis) are Gavin's (Bonney) two best friends. They made a pact to assist the terminally ill Gavin to die when the time came. However, despite a massive overdose of morphine, Gavin stays alive. Charlie ends up slipping a plastic bag over Gavin's head and suffocating him. This is hardly the dignified death that they had all planned. But it’s the beginning of an emotional rollercoaster ride, which takes Charlie and Anna through the highs and lows of the grief experience – from illicit affairs and left over morphine to devastating accusations and unwitting betrayals. At the end of the day, Charlie and Anna are forced to face the true meaning of friendship, loyalty and love.
Director: Tony Ayres
Studio: Porchlight Films
Producer(s): Liz Watts
Cast: Vince Colosimo, Maria Theodorakis, Nathaniel Dean, Judi Farr, Nicholas Bishop, David Bonney, Daniel Roberts, Anna Lise Phillips
Writer(s): Roger Monk
Official Site: www.walkingonwater.net.au

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