Vilaiyaatu Pasange

Vilaiyaatu Pasange Movie Poster

"Vilaiyaatu Pasange" is a story of a common everyday life situation, set in the neighbouring hood of a railway quarters, in the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur where time seems to take a standstill. Here is a place where real characters, real background and real situations intertwined with each other, creating layers of stories and quips on what we call, life.

With real families, and real friends, you will not find extra ordinary, high technological or stories of bogus lifestyle and treatment of a silver spoon, instead you will be enthralled by the simplicity yet chaotic life struggles, the beautiful relationships between a man and his son, and a man and the apple of his eyes, to a funny and comical bonding among three loyal friends who have each other for love, support and brotherhood. "Vilaiyaatu Pasange" is a community film that unfolds with humble determination and healing humor about life, family, love and friendship.

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