Vigo Movie Poster

Set in France, Jean Vigo (Frain) is a college graduate diagnosed with tuberculosis. He goes to the Pyrenees for treatment and finds a cruel doctor who seems intent on breaking the will and hope of his patients, thus making them totally dependent on him.

Vigo rebels from this treatment and convinces a fellow patient, Lydu (Bohringer) to escape with him. The thought of escaping gives her a reason to live again, so she agrees, and the two get married despite the fact they are not cured and only have limited time to live.

The marriage is soon tested with the pressures of having to take care of one another. This pressure is intensified with Vigo's chosen profession, film making, which threatens to destroy them both.

Director: Julien Temple
Studio: Odeon Films Inc.
Producer(s): Amanda Temple, Jeremy Bolt
Cast: James Frain, Jim Carter, Romane Bohringer, Diana Quick
Writer(s): Peter Ettedgui, Anne Devlin, Julien Temple

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