Vice Squad

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1h 37m | Action/Adventure

VICE SQUAD is easily in my personal top five films ever made! A criminally neglected masterpiece of sleazy action cinema, VICE SQUAD takes place in the course of one night on the mean streets of Hollywood as a psychotic killer pimp named Ramrod (played with Oscar-worthy intensity by direct-to-video action god Wings Hauser) frantically pursues the hooker named Princess (HARDCORE's Season Hubley) who turned him in for murdering her friend.

Plowing through everything in his way with maniacal rage, it's a race against time as the vice squad scrambles to get Princess off the street before Ramrod finds her.

This is pure entertainment from the gifted director of RAW MEAT and DEAD AND BURIED, with a screenplay by Robert V. O'Neill (director of WONDER WOMEN and the ANGEL films) and co-starring the late exploitation staple Cheryl 'Rainbeaux' Smith.

And if that isn't enough, the cinematography is by Oscar-winner John Alcott, who shot Kubrick's THE SHINING, BARRY LYNDON and A CLOCKWORK ORANGE. (Kier-La Janisse)

Director: Gary Sherman
Writer(s): Sandy Howard, Robert Vincent O'Neill, Kenneth Peters

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