Very Mean Men

Very Mean Men Movie Poster

A bartender (Modine) tries to get a thrifty drinker (Landau) to leave him a decent tip by spinning an elaborate tale of two warring mobster families fighting over the San Fernando Valley: the Minetti's (led by Gazzara) who own an Italian restaurant in the West valley and the Mulroney's (led by Durning) who own a pub in the East valley. The war breaks out when hothead Paulie Minetti (Baio) stiffs a waitress out of her tip at "Big Paddy's."

Director: Tony Vitale
Studio: Miracle Entertainment
Producer(s): David Dadon, Neil P. White, Steven Baio
Cast: Martin Landau, Ben Gazzara, Burt Young, Charles Durning, Matthew Modine, Scott Baio, Paul Ben-Victor
Writer(s): Paul T. Murray

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