Christine (Sandy McLeod) is a ticket-taker at a Manhattan porn cinema. Her ability to separate reel life from real life is seriously impaired in this slow, often silent, and ultimately enigmatic study of a lonely young woman who first despises the porn and then becomes fascinated with it and the clients who attend the shows.

Her inclinations become more active than passive after she decides to follow an elegantly turned-out businessman from the theater into an adult video shop, where they begin talking and he invites her to a Yankee game (that dates this movie!). Once at the game, the man leaves for a moment, and Christine follows him again, this time to some sort of strange rendezvous.

At this point, it is difficult for both Christine and the viewers to distinguish reality from fantasy, leaving everyone in limbo.

Director: Bette Gordon
Cast: Will Patton, Luis Guzmán, Richard Davidson, Nan Goldin, Lee Tucker
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