Vanessa Movie Poster

While waiting for the train to pass, Mr. Bennet (Nick Mancuso), an out-of-town businessman, notices Vanessa (Candice Prentice), a destitute girl, freezing in the cold. Suspecting that she will throw herself under the train, he takes the girl with him to a nearby restaurant for a warm meal. During their conversation, Vanessa tells Bennet her sad life story and reveals to him her inborn talent. Bennet offers the girl $10,000 to turn her life around, but in return he asks for her only "treasure"—her virginity!

Director: B.D. Benedikt
Studio: Unistar International
Producer(s): Ken Clayton
Cast: Nick Mancuso, Candice Prentice, Jennifer Dale, Andre Doria
Writer(s): B.D. Benedikt

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