Valley Girl: The Remake

Valley Girl: The Remake Movie Poster
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1h 53m | Comedy

VALLEY GIRL captured and immortalized the '80s obssession with suburban LA mall-slang, and its legacy remains so potent that, 20 years later, artist Michelle O'Marah and her friends decided to revisit it with their own lo-budget remake, originally mounted as a gallery installation that toured from the SF Museum of Modern Art to White Columns in New York.

But this is no pretentious hipster shredding of a beloved 80s classic -- its effectiveness lies in its poignancy and blatant love of the original. Every detail is lovingly (re)created, from the costumes to the soundtrack! See a nightclub made out of painted construction paper! See the most sketchy use of a green screen ever!

See Peter Case of the Plimsouls played by a woman in a beret! Totally awesome! Like, for sure!

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