U.S. Go Home With Claire Denis, La Vagabonde

U.S. Go Home With Claire Denis, La Vagabonde Movie Poster

This film is part of the nine volume Tous les Garcons et les Filles de Leur Age series which chronicles the adolescent eras of nine prominent directors. U.S. Go Home, set in 1965, chronicles 24 hours in the lives of three teenagers as they try to finally lose their virginity.

Martine, Marlene, and Martine's older brother Alain, live in a small town outside of Paris. They are preparing to attend a wild party where Martine hopes to get laid. Unfortunately Martine is a shy wallflower, and does not get lucky at the party despite the tender consolation of her equally unlucky brother who tried to score with Marlene.

Martine's prospects brighten when she accepts a ride home with an initially reticent American soldier.

Director: Claire Denis

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