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Urge - Official Trailer

4,414 Views | 2:08 | Uploaded on May 06, 2016

In the official trailer for the thriller Urge, Neil (Danny Masterson) greets a group of friends waiting on a rooftop for a helicopter and promises them a weekend they'll never forget. Next, they're on an island in a nightclub, eager to take whatever drug everyone else is on. One of the friends, Jason (Justin Chatwin), is brought to a man (Pierce Brosnan) who provides him with a drug, promising it's very different.

Jason returns to the group with the drug and tells them, "It blows the doors off anything you've done before, but you can only do it once - ever." Although the drug doesn't work on Jason, he witnesses the insane urges his friends are having and acting upon, including murder, and decides he has to get them off the island.

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