Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness

Urban Explorers: Into the Darkness Movie Poster
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1h 26m | Documentary

This thrilling documentary introduces us to a hidden subculture of individuals from around the world who explore places where most people never dream of going. They crawl through drain storms, wander around gutted theme parks and dig underground into long forgotten, abandoned buildings.

Many explorers were interviewed under the condition that they not be identified. With aliases like Slim Jim, Katwoman, Max Action and Danarchy these punk rockers, college students, and urban professionals are bonded by curiosity but follow a strict code of conduct that frowns on vandalism or theft.

They simply want to pay respect to and explore abandoned buildings around the world ranging from the Catacombs underneath Paris to a deep pit in the Florida everglades, housing one of the world's largest abandoned NASA rocket engines. Will they get in? What will they find? Will they get arrested?

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