Up to a Certain Point

Up to a Certain Point Movie Poster

In this movie about a filmmaker named Oscar (Oscar Alvarez), the internationally recognized Cuban director Tomás Gutiérrez-Alea (1928-1996) tackled the problems men have in conceding authority and autonomy to women in Cuba.

Oscar is researching a documentary on male attitudes and while interviewing several subjects, he learns that a husband feels he must have a higher salary than his wife, and while the bee may flit from flower to flower, the flower cannot go from bee to bee.

As the extent and shape of male chauvinism begins to emerge in his research, the married Oscar falls in love with an independent-minded woman who is working on the documentary with him. At this point, male biases are brought home to his doorstep -- will he be honest and leave his wife for the woman he now loves?

If not, can he really do a documentary on machismo if his vision is hampered by his own biases?

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