Un parallèle plus tard

Un parallèle plus tard Movie Poster

Based in Montreal for many years, Leander is a computer scientist in charge of the protection of the Minister of Public Safety. After selling secret information to the Mafia, the young man realizes he’s been directly implicated in an attack on the politician. Without telling his wife Claire, he leaves Montreal to find refuge with his aunt in Havre-St-Pierre. Suffering from a kidney stone, he calls his wife to tell her he needs to rest in his hometown.

Hiding from everyone that he’s wanted by the police, the young man renews his relationships with his childhood friends and his childhood sweetheart, Eve. Now in a relationship with Jomphe, Eve still resents Leander for leaving her years earlier to continue his studies while she was attending to her father, who had cancer. As Claire presses Leander to return to Montreal after receiving a visit from the police; in Havre-St-Pierre, Jomphe does some investigating to find the real reason behind Leander’s return.

Director: Sébastien Landry
Studio: Axia Films
Producer(s): Nicolas Comeau
Cast: Maxime Dumontier, Sophie Desmarais, Louise Richer, Mikaël Gouin, Pierre Rivard, Fanny M. Lecavalier
Writer(s): Alexandre Soublière

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