Turning Paige

Turning Paige Movie Poster

Paige (Isabelle) is a young high school student living peacefully with her father, Ross (Campbell), a recovering alcohol and car salesman. An aspiring writer, she loves to fictionalize her own life, incorporating friends and family as characters, and real-life events as plotlines.

Everything changes when Paige's older brother Trevor (DeWilde) arrives unannounced after a two-year absence. His sudden return forces the family to deal with the unpleasant event from their recent past.
Director: Robert Cuffley
Studio: CHAOS a film company Inc.
Producer(s): Carolyn McMaster
Cast: Katharine Isabelle, Nicholas Campbell, Torri Higginson, Brendan Fletcher, Philip DeWilde, Nikki Barnett
Writer(s): Robert Cuffley, Jason Long
Official Site: www.turningpaige.com

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