Trouble in the Peace

Trouble in the Peace Movie Poster
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1h 21m | Documentary

When livestock begin dying and children become mysteriously ill after gas leaks in the small farming community of Peace River, where gas wells and pipelines threaten lives, their protests to the government fall on deaf ears. The provincial government enjoys huge revenues from the fossil fuel industry and the sale of sub-surface mineral rights.

It's only when a series of bombs are set off on the pipelines that the citizens begin to attract attention to their cause.

The gas company offers a reward of $1 million for the capture of the mysterious bomber, which creates a rift in the community. But when they come to realize the reward is nothing short of a symbolic insult, the community decides to rally and join forces in their common goal to start a revolution against the multinational energy extraction industry.

Director: Julian T. Pinder
Studio: Six Island Productions
Writer(s): Julian T. Pinder, Paul Scherzer
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