Travellers & Magicians

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Release Date: December 31, 2004 (limited)

On DVD/VOD: October 25, 2005

1h 48m | Drama

In the Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, nestled deep in the Himalayas, two men seek to escape their mundane lives. Dondup, an educated university graduate decides that he will be better off picking grapes in the US than working as a government officer in a remote rural village.

Tashi, a restless farm youth studying magic, cannot bear the thought of a life consigned to his village. Through a trick of his brother, he is delivered into a dream world of seduction and intrigue. The two men embark on parallel, if separate, journeys. Their yearning is a common one--for a better and different life.

It is a mystical fable of lust, jealousy and murder that concludes with the dilemma--is the grass truly greener on the other side?

Director: Khyentse Norbu
Studio: Prayer Flag Pictures
Producer(s): Malcolm Watson, Raymond Steiner
Cast: Tshewang Dendup, Sonam Lhamo, Lhakpa Dorji, Deki Yangzom
Writer(s): Khyentse Norbu
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