Transit (2009)

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On DVD/VOD: April 14, 2009

1h 40m | Action/Adventure, Documentary

Transit tells the engaging story of police who become obsessed with bringing the criminals they are investigating to justice.

Jean-Pierre, a grizzled local police investigator, is fixated on arresting Ricardo and closing his car thief ring. Frank, a federal police chief, is determined to arrest Don Pepe and shut down his narcotics operation. Nicholas, an undercover agent, finds himself caught between the two.

All three will push the boundary and at some point cross it. At that point their individual obsessions collide and they face the consequences of their inability to know when to stop.

Director: Christian de la Cortina
Studio: Seville Pictures
Producer(s): Christian de la Cortina
Cast: Luc Morrissette, Christian de la Cortina, Julie Du Page, Frank Baylis, Jose de la Cortina, Deano Clavet, Emmanuel Auger, Sylvain Beauchamp, Hugo St-Cyr, Paul Dion
Writer(s): Frank Baylis, Christian de la Cortina, Hervé Debois
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