Tout est pardonne

Tout est pardonne Movie Poster

Separated from her biological father for more than a decade, a teenage girl living with her mother in Paris sets out to reconnect with her wayward dad in director Mia Hansen-Løve's sincere family drama. Years ago, Victor and Annette spent an idyllic spring in Venice with their beloved daughter Pamela.

Though Victor would frequently neglect his work in favor of frolicking with Pamela outdoors, visiting Annette's parents, and hanging out in the park with local drug dealers during those picturesque days, lovelorn Annette remained convinced that her husband would become more responsible when her family returned to Paris.

Old habits die hard though, and soon after returning home Victor and Annette have a monumental blow-out. In the aftermath, Victor moves in with a junkie he has fallen in love with and Annette disappears into the city with Pamela. Flash forward eleven years later, and seventeen year-old Pamela is still living in Paris with her mother.

When an inquiry into father's whereabouts reveals that Victor is living nearby, curious Pamela decides to check in on her long-lost dad.

Director: Mia Hansen-Løve

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