Toronto Bleeds in 3D

Toronto Bleeds in 3D Movie Poster

Exclusively At The Cineforum, 463 Bathurst street, Toronto, Ontario. 416-603-6643.

3D Footage Raw And Unedited of the City Of Toronto the morning of Sunday, June 27, 2010.

See the destruction caused by a handful of people whose actions have tainted forever the legitimate actions of thousands of others.

6pm Saturday thru Thursday, July 3 thru 8.

Free (though a voluntary donation towards the work of The Cineforum will be appreciated).
Sunday morning I got on my bicycle and took a trip around the city with my 3D Camera documenting the damage done the day before.
For those of you who were not here this is your chance to see the city as it looked the morning after with a depth and a clarity television can not yet give us.
I have already provided Mayor Miller with a copy of this footage.
Anyone else who would like a copy may request one from myself at:
All of us are agreed that what happened this weekend must never happen again. --Reg Hartt

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