Toonpur Ka Superrhero

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Action/Adventure, Animation

TOONPUR KA SUPERRHERO is India's first live action/animation combination feature film. Aditya (Ajay Devgan) a reel life hero who accidentally lands in the world of cartoons and transforms into a real life hero.

There is trouble brewing in the land of cartoons—Toonpur. The good guys of Toonpur (Devtoons) and the bad guys (Toonasurs) are at constant war. That's when Devtoons decide to take superstar action hero Aditya's help and get him down to Toonpur. But things are not as simple as the Devtoons had thought.

Director: Kireet Khurana
Studio: Eros International
Producer(s): Krishika Lulla, Kumar Mangat Pathak
Cast: Ajay Devgan, Kajol , Sanjay Mishra, Delnaaz Paul, Tanuja , Mukesh Tiwari
Writer(s): Kireet Khurana
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