Todd P Goes to Austin

Todd P Goes to Austin Movie Poster

TODD P GOES TO AUSTIN is a cultural snapshot of America's underground, do-it-yourself music scene featuring unforgettable live performances from Matt and Kim, Dan Deacon, Mika Miko, The DeathSet and many more. As record labels die, independents thrive.

In the wake of Napster, MySpace and Facebook there, is a generation of artists creating and performing music on their own terms. With the help of legendary DIY rock promoter Todd P, Brooklyn has become ground zero for these exciting young musicians.

Using never-before-seen footage, including material shot by the bands themselves, TODD P GOES TO AUSTIN exposes what life is like surviving and touring at the underground level.

Interviews with Todd about the necessity of independent music and creativity connect the bands as they tour down to Austin, TX to appear in the DIY music scene's answer to the SXSW Music Festival.

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