Tigers Are Not Afraid - Trailers & Videos


1,728 Views | 2:03 | Uploaded on Mar 30, 2020

During Mexico's ongoing violent drug war, a quiet girl named Estrella (Paola Lara) comes home after a school shooting to find her mother is missing.

She joins a gang of four other children who have been orphaned, led by a tough street kid named Shine (Juan Ramón López). The kids, including Tucsi (Hanssel Casillas), Pop (Rodrigo Cortes), and Morro (Nery Arredondo), tell Estrella her mother was likely kidnapped and murdered, or possibly trafficked.

When the Huascas cartel comes after the group of kids, Estrella learns that Shine stole a phone and gun from a drug dealer named Caco, when the thug was drunk. The cartel believes the cellphone contains an incriminating video—and they want it back at any cost.

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