Thomas in Love

Thomas in Love Movie Poster
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NC-17 | 1h 37m | Comedy, Drama

Thomas, an agoraphobic in his thirties, hasn't gone out of his house for eight years, and never meets anyone. He communicates with the outside world by videophone and via computer, while a representative of his insurance company runs nearly all the aspects of his daily life.

But one day, without telling him, his psychologist writes to a dating agency on his behalf. From the candidates that appear on the screen, the young man is attracted to Melanie, who seems very understanding. On the other hand, his insurance agent advises him to call a prostitute service for the handicapped.

So Thomas gets to know Eva, and he slowly falls in love with her -- so much so that he decides to leave his home to meet her.

Director: Pierre-Paul Renders
Studio: Sagittaire Films
Producer(s): Diana Elbaum
Cast: Benoît Verhaert, Aylin Yay, Magali Pinglaut
Writer(s): Philippe Blasband

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