Think of Me

Think of Me Movie Poster

Angela (Lauren Ambrose) is a young, single mother to Sunny (Audrey P. Scott). They live in Las Vegas, a city among the hardest hit by recent financial upheaval. Angela is clearly devoted to her daughter, and even though loneliness, fatigue and money worries underscore most of her waking hours, she delights in Sunny's company, counts herself lucky to have a job and a roof over their heads, and finds some comfort in her friendship with co-worker Max (Dylan Baker).

One day Angela's boss (David Conrad) alludes to a money-making scheme that anyone less stressed would find questionable&$151;but Angela sees a rare opportunity for herself and her daughter. Soon her efforts to participate in the dubious enterprise set off a chain of events that send her careening like a pinball. The pressure builds until Angela is faced with an impossible choice: keep trying to make things work, or let it all go for the promise of something better.

Director: Bryan Wizemann
Producer(s): Blythe Robertson, Lauren Ambrose, Mike S. Ryan
Cast: Lauren Ambrose, Audrey Scott, Dylan Baker, Penelope Ann Miller, David Conrad, Adina Porter
Writer(s): Bryan Wizemann

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