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User review rating: 5 April 15, 2021

Excellent, Very Informative, Oppression, Fear tactics, Unfortunately a reality that still has carried on to this day! Racism, Colorism, Corporate America, Deep Hatered, Mental health issues not only with my Black Race but within the white households (sexual abuse and incest etc) the list goes on... Great Job all producers and writers.

User review rating: 2 April 11, 2021

i thought it would be better but by the 4th episode i was bored each episode seemed the same and not scary

User review rating: 5 April 10, 2021

The series is full of twists and turns. The realism of racial iniquities during the 40s 50s were portrayed in a way that showcase just how the relationship between whites and black were full of ugly and uneasy tensions and its still that way 2021.. The mixture of the horror scenes were interesting kept me watching and I loved the music .. Very good movie...actors were all very solid in their roles, congrats to cast and everyone involved in production. Glad to see Lena Waithe producing films

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