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Their Finest - Official Trailer

10,059 Views | 2:17 | Uploaded on Feb 24, 2017

The official trailer for Their Finest begins on a somber note as we're taken back to WWII. Despondent soldiers are featured and misery is written on the faces of the people we see.

But suddenly, it's revealed that the images we have been shown are from a film set. A crew has assembled to make a movie during WWII to lift spirits. They've chosen to focus on "Dunkirk, the miracle that put the fire back in all our bellies," as the screenwriter (Sam Claflin) explains.

As the funny and heartfelt trailer continues, we gain access to the filmmaking process. Despite the tragedy of war, the crew — which includes characters played by Gemma Arterton and Bill Nighy — proceeds and seeks to bring light to the British people with their film.

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