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The Young Pope - Official Trailer

607 Views | 1:47 | Uploaded on Jan 04, 2017

The official trailer for The Young Pope begins as Larry Belardo (Jude Law) says, "I don't have any sins to confess. My only sin is that my conscience does not accuse me of anything." We see him smoke a cigarette and step into the iconic white robes.

As the charged trailer continues, we get better acquainted with the Pope. Sister Mary (Diane Keaton) informs him that one fifth of the world's population looks to him for leadership, but that doesn't seem to concern him. He doesn't care for the opinions of others and follows his own desires. The riveting trailer shows him encountering resistance from older members of the Catholic Church, and ends as he claims the following: "I know everything a powerful man needs to know about the people he works with, and I am the most powerful man of all."

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